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Accounting – can it actually be fun?


Throw a stone, and ask this question at random – and you’ll be hard pressed to find an answer in the affirmative. No matter the setting, nor the age group, the answer would more often than not be “I’d rather watch paint peel” – or at least some variant of that.

Images of sweat shops, with hard-nosed, austere looking accountants or book-keepers tapping away furiously at their calculators or laptops trying to balance that last cent come to mind. Seems like a recipe for disaster? You wouldn’t be too far off thinking so, if that were really the case. Truth be told, it can be like that in some places. But it needn’t be.

Over here at Joy Management Services, we like to think that we’re a little more passionate – and fun- than that. While you can’t quite get away from the humdrum of balancing and reconciling figures, how you view the work – and the very tangible rewards that come from a job well done, are entirely up to you!

Tips to see the ‘fun in accounting’

  • Put on your detective hat. Piecing together a company’s story from its numbers can make for an interesting exercise.
  • Satisfy your thirst for intellectual stimulation. There is great intellectual challenge / rigour in putting on your thinking caps and determining whether the FRS (Financial Reporting Standards) have been applied in a way that can help you reduce costs or maximise revenues!
  • Balancing stuff is fun. When your balance sheets balance, or numbers tie – the sense of achievement (and mostly relief) can be palpable.
  • The means justify the end. Seeing your own company’s success story come to life via charting revenue growth trends, or expansions in net asset values, can be a beautiful exercise, but only made possible if your accounts have been drawn up accurately. Of course, the story might not always be so rosy, and even if it’s not, accounting might help you pinpoint areas of weakness. But, we try to be positive.
  • You get to play with cool, cutting edge software. For the tech geeks among us, there is a wealth of cloud-based accounting software these days, such as XERO, that try to automate as far as possible, the manual aspects of accounting.   

So with that said and done, keep calm and plug away!

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