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Employee Motivation


We all know that behind every successful business is/are good and motivated employee(s). But people do not get motivated just like that. It takes time, effort, and the right environment – which more often than not, is and always will be a work in progress. However, that does not mean to say that substantial steps in the right direction cannot be taken!

Here are a few rough guidelines that we feel may indeed work:


Every company should have a vision, and it helps if all working in it are aligned to that same vision. This reduces confusion and ‘wasted effort’ at all levels, and also gives employees and management alike a common goal to work towards. When confusion and ‘wasted effort’ are minimized, morale tends to increase, leading to greater productivity and efficiency. Basically, no one likes to be left scratching their heads as to what decision to make or what the next step is to take.


Understanding Bosses

Bosses play a very important role in affecting employee motivation. To quote a clichéd (paraphrased) saying, ‘before you get your workers to move their hands, you first need to move their hearts. It is important to be empathetic and understanding – not only in terms of matching job responsibilities to strengths, but also to perhaps, personal needs and challenges, where such information is volunteered. After all, if your employee spends the better part of his or her day in the office, it would be fair to expect them to also be sometimes worrying about their personal problems. Therefore, if empathy can be displayed in respect of such issues, it would be normal for them to want to reciprocate and repay your kindness.


Job Fit

It is also imperative that where possible, bosses try to allocate their employees to jobs that fit their strengths and interests as best as possible, especially if this is a long-term arrangement. This is important for them to keep their morale and also interest levels up, such that they will not be dragging their feet to work and producing the bare minimum expected of them.

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