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Nurturing Business Friendships

Nurturing Business Friendships

As the saying goes, no man is an island. We humans are social creatures, with needs for meaningful interactions, conversations and events on a regular basis. That said, it should come as no surprise that since the heart and soul of any business are humans, business friendships should rank high up in the priority list, not only for professional, but also personal success!


Here are a few quick tips that we here at Joy Management Services try to use in our lives as professional accountants, in our dealings with clients and associates.


Be Genuine

We strive to be who we are and accept others as they are. It’s easy to hide behind a front and cultivate a false personality, especially online or at work, but we find that over the long run, this approach is not ideal if you would like to develop mutual trust, respect and a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship.

How do we put this into practice?

We try our best to assist clients to the best of our professional expertise / knowledge, but are also quick to admit if a certain potential job is beyond our jurisdiction.


Develop Mutual Respect

We invest time to get to know our clients, their backgrounds, challenges and services required and value the age-old face-to-face meeting that serves as a platform to get to know one another in more real way.

Respect takes time to cultivate and we do not believe in rushing the process. A priority of ours, we believe that building mutual respect is essential for not only maintaining, but also growing relationships.


Offer Help Before We Ask for Help

Especially for SMEs, help is always welcome. We are well aware that everyone or every business has the propensity to help one another, or even society at large in one way or another, large or small.

Thus, we approach each new day at work with the mentality of trying to assist as a first measure, be it professionally or perhaps even in our personal capacities.

We have found through experience that such as outlook to work yields us more meaningful and lasting business friendships as people generally like mutually supportive business friends and associates.

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