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Should I Start a Business?

Should I Start a Business


Should I take the plunge? Will I finally be my own boss? Will my days of having to report to work by 830am be over? Whatever the reason, coming out to do your own business is never an easy decision to make!

In this short article, we share 5 simple criteria a successful entrepreneur is likely to possess! Read on to find out 🙂

  1. Passion is your middle name. Do you have a business idea that you’re so passionate about that it keeps you up at night? Do you think about how to turn it into reality many times a day? Business owners and entrepreneurs are immensely passionate about their work and will do everything in their capacity to turn their vision into reality!
  2. You are independent. Are you the sort who is able to stand on your own two feet? Do you have a vision that you are determined to see through to fruition? It is important to be independent and have a mind of your own when doing business. Your business will need clear strategic direction and a unifying force! This does not mean that you should not be a team player of course. Think of yourself as the captain of your ship, who takes in constructive criticism and differing views, but ultimately decides which direction your ship will head towards!
  3. You are a self-starter. You have a strong sense of what needs to be done. And you get it done without needing someone else to breathe down your neck!
  4. You desire freedom from a rigid work environment. You feel stifled having to report to a boss (or bosses). You don’t like the fact that your general well-being can be largely determined by your superior and whether you can get along with him. You don’t understand the need for mountains of paper work or administrative red tape. You hate having to constantly revise your work simply because the higher-ups don’t agree with your point of view.
  5. You are organized. Managing your own firm requires a great deal of organisational ability. In the beginning, at least, you will likely have to rely on yourself to do your debits and your credits, claim your PIC (Productivity and Innovation Credits), outsource the production of the website and present make pitches to potential seed investors. You definitely need to be organised for that to work!
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