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What is Cloud Accounting?


Cloud accounting software is accounting software that is hosted on remote servers. Data that is uploaded is accessed from anywhere and at any time by users, typically via a cloud application service provider like Xero – as long as there is a working internet connection. While the software is still accounting in nature, there is no longer a need to install desktop-bound software on computers, and have the accountant or whoever else is in charge physically show up at these computers. This flexibility – accorded by being “on the cloud”, allows employees from other departments or even other geographical jurisdictions, edit or even review the data, opening up a whole new world of possibilities! Basically, your hard drive is no longer the heart and soul of your software. 

What cloud accounting software does JMS support?

JMS are Xero advisors. Xero automates routine tasks, such as bank reconciliations and journal entries, allowing you to work more quickly and efficiently. Also, the financial statements are updated live with every entry passed – meaning that you get a quick snapshot of your balance sheet or profit and loss whenever you want it, wherever you want it! And best of all, it’s on the cloud – meaning that it can be accessed whenever and wherever there’s an internet connection – assuming your subscription fees have been paid on time, of course!

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